Ashley & Thomas

los angeles / california

october 19th, 2019


How it all began…

After three longer than usual days working in the ICU, curiosity held out over frazzled sleepiness when a woman (Ashley) stepped out, and into a forgettable speakeasy named Neat. For both, hope wavered behind their promised presence, common in one's very first and very last online dating encounters. Similarly, “Wow, you smell amazing” fell into ears that knew they hadn’t showered in a few too many days. Laughter soon followed, and soon after, two rounds of gingered-honey spirits and smoky-sweet Mexican love potions. It was love after all, and it was worth the wait. 

And then a puppy was born and a commitment was made. Palmer's flight home was booked and suddenly pressing became the question, "Does Ashley like dogs?" Regardless, there was something to talk about on date no. 2.  Most importantly, Palmer made 3 of us and date no. 2 became 2 years later. A family was born, steeped in gratitude and warmth. Early and often the richness of community, hospitality, and faith were woven into conversation and practice. This continues to create, in this writer’s opinion, a foundation to last a lifetime.



214 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA